Welcome to Holdfast Healing: Integrative Cannabis Coaching


My name is Sarah MacLeod and I’m a yoga instructor, reiki practioner, and certified holistic health coach specializing in cannabis and integrative nutrition. I founded Holdfast Healing in hopes of creating an opportunity for individuals to explore cannabis for wellness as they redefine what health means and begin to make lifestyle changes that will support their journey to becoming the highest version of themselves.

I believe in striving for balance.

I believe in seeking what ignites your soul.

And I believe in creating the life you want through awareness, presence, and intention.

More and more states are beginning to legalize cannabis. Soon enough federal prohibition will be a thing of the past. Plant medicine is on the rise and I’m here to be a resource. I’m here to be a guiding light for those who want to make health-oriented lifestyle changes while bringing cannabis along for the ride. It’s time we shatter the stigmas associated with this plant and recognize the unlimited potential it has to bring peace, happiness, and healing to not only us human beings — but our pets & our planet, too!